We all know periods are annoying as it is, from the pain, the mood swing to just feeling very uncomfortable in your own body. We go through the most, and they last so long for some of us unfortunately.

With all of those unfortunate things going on, the last thing you need to put yourself through is using a pad. I used them for three years after starting my period, and then a miracle happened. I discovered tampons.

When tampon users talk about pads they usually say “why would you want to sit on your own blood” which is really true if you think about it. I joined the tampon family right after I started watching YouTube videos and got convinced that it is the better option, which it is. Here are a few pros and cons why you should totally ditch using pads.

There aren’t many good reasons as to why someone would want to continue using pads when tampons are available to them. The only good thing about them is that we are so used to them, they are what is familiar to us. This makes us believe this is the best as they come.

But pads have so many faults. For one they are unsanitary especially when used for too long and they end up giving you a rash. And the fact that you are always aware that you are on your period is probably the worst.

Another thing is that they really smell horrible. I have a very strong sense of smell so I can’t stand them.

One thing is for sure. I will never go back to using pads.

Now off to the tampons. For as long as I’ve used them I’ve always felt secure. Way too many girls in SA don’t know about them and this bothers me. I realised this fact when I had to take it out at school and people would look at me weirdly and sometimes even gather around so I can explain what it is and how I use it.

It was embarrassing for me for a while until I realised that they just genuinely didn’t know what it was and how it works. Surprisingly more boys knew about it that girls.

One of the things I love about tampons is that unless you have period pains or discomfort, you won’t be aware of your period and that is literally the best thing ever. We don’t like periods as it is now and if something can give me the illusion that they are not happening then I would gladly take it.


There are two frequently asked questions I get all the time and one of them is if virgins can use tampons. The answer is 100% yes, and no it won’t break your hymen so you have no reason to worry.

Another common one is if a tampon could get lost inside of you. Yes it can happen but the possibilities of that are little to none. I have never heard of it happen and if it does you can go to the hospital to have it removed