Up until the day of the beat picnic, I never knew my love for makeup ran this deep. I was so excited to attend the event, and it wasn’t anything short of amazing. I never doubted Kaz, the makeup artist who was doing the masterclass; but I didn’t know she was that good. And the best part is she is self-taught.

In this post, it may seem like I’m overpraising the event (because it was that good), so let me start with something I didn’t like. We started late, an hour late to be specific, but some guest also came late so it was sort of a convenience.

  1. The Makeup Tutorials


I went there for this specifically and I loved every minute of it. I made notes about everything, wrote down every product and brush and listened to every word. The tutorials were so engaging and any question you had was answered, and that’s what I loved the most.


It wasn’t a glorified live YouTube tutorial. You had a chance to ask questions, get close to Kaz and see what exactly she’s doing and learn the many techniques she taught us. At this point, I could practice a while and do makeup on people because the tutorials were that in depth, I didn’t miss anything. I don’t even have any makeup related questions at this point.

Below are the people Kaz did make up on.

The Natural Look

Day Glam (Incomplete because of time)

Night Look

  1. Skin care tips from Vuyi of Corium Skincare


If you read my past posts you know I have problematic skin, so when somebody talks about skin care I usually don’t listen. This is because they usually say the same things that probably won’t work. But on this event I found myself listening to Vuyi. She was telling me new information I didn’t know and that was a big plus. I will be taking her tips and probably order from her Corium skincare range to see how it goes with my skin.

  1. The Slush Bar


Let me start by saying all the slushies I’ve had in my life have never been this good, mind you I haven’t had many, but the little I’ve had don’t top this. There was champagne, juice and the slushies but the way the slushies were so good, I just kept gravitating towards the bar.

There is no other way of explaining the taste than saying they were both sweet and sour, I wish I could buy them from the store. I can’t wait to find them at another event.

  1. The Photographer


I’ve always wanted to have my pictures taken by a professional photographer. I expected my first experience to be with a beginner but no, the beat picnic gave me the opportunity to have pictures taken by the one and only Jashua Hatt. This man’s work speaks for itself, nothing much I can add to it. His photography is nothing short of amazing.

  1. The Goodie Bag


Getting free thing is always so nice, so when it was announced that we were going to get goodie bags at the event, I jumped of joy. Inside was a little cute notebook where we took notes of everything we wanted to remember after the tutorial, jacaranda eyelashes from Pretty Lee (which I can’t wait to try on), 20% off voucher from Spiral Aloe, KiKi beauty samples of their Face Primer, Face Wash, Moisturizer, Eye Cream and KiKi beauty Setting Spray.

These products are expensive (for me) so I’m so grateful to have received them.

  1. The attendees


For some reason, in the past I was always scared of going places by myself. I hated looking isolated but now I’m totally fine with it. It’s probably a gain of confidence. Stress and anxiety levels were so low when I went to this event, but I was scared the girls would not talk to me, simply because I’m younger.

I was pleasantly surprised that even though most of them they were older than me, everybody was nice. Nobody treated me like a child or anything like that. It was just a pleasant experience overall. We met with a common love of make-up and everything went accordingly.

  1. The Decor


I couldn’t possibly leave the decor out when it was so lovely. Everything was in order and so aesthetically pleasing. I’ll let the pictures do the talking because my words can’t possibly do it justice. It was done by Lele of Lele’s Picnics

This event was so worth it. I had a great time, had some nice food and learned a ton.

Photography: Jashua G Hatt on Instagram