For the past six years, I have struggled with my skin. For those long six years I have tried and tested a lot of products, and to this day only one of those products has worked.

Below are a few of those that I remember trying over the past few years and seeing literally no change in my skin. And I don’t speak of those that I used for only a week and realized they didn’t work and ended up ditching; I’m talking about those that I tried for a very long time, sometimes even finishing the products because I truly believed in them but still ended up disappointed.

Dove bar soap – I wasn’t exactly surprised that the soup did not work because let’s face it, Dove never said their bar soup is for pimples. It was recommended by the dermatologist and it worked well with the treatment, not so much by itself though. I still do use it because it’s not harsh on my skin and it gives it moisture, even though it doesn’t get rid of the pimples

Clearasil acne gel – Clearasil is one of those brands that just pop up when you search for acne products, so when I saw this product at Shoprite at a very low price I thought I hit a jackpot. I was mistaken. I’m always skeptical about cheap products and I was right about this one. It did nothing for my skin.

Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 – I went into trying it with so much hope. I still can’t believe it didn’t work because so many people were giving it props and talking about how much it has helped get rid of their acne. But unfortunately for me, it was one of those. It made the skin underneath the pimples feel amazing, proving that it would work for people with clear skin.

Garnier Even and Matte – I got the even and matte with the 3 in 1 because of some review I read. Reviews will be the death of me and my pocket because I was just wasting money because someone said it works and even showed results.

Ponds Spot ClearCuticura Face Wash – All this facewash did was give me even skin tone. My forehead has been a bit darker for a long time and this fixed it, so if you are looking for something to get rid of the hyperpigmentation on your face then this might work for you.

Clean And Clear Bar Soap

Clean And Clear Anti-blackhead Bar Soap

Sunlight Green bar – I only tried this because of those clear skinned people who like saying “just wash your face with sunlight and drink a lot of water”. I wanted to prove them wrong and I did, it does not work. Stop saying it does. You had a pimple and I have Acne Vulgaris, there is a difference.

Ponds Lock and Clear – when they released the ad for this my skin was going through the most. I had pimples all over; blackheads and whiteheads were just living on my face. Then there is this pretty girl with the clearest skin I have ever seen comes an tells me that she’s had acne all her life, and Ponds helped her get rid of it all in 3 days. 3 DAYS. I was so mad that I even went and tried it just to prove it won’t work in 3 days. It didn’t work at all, even after using it for a few weeks.

Maybe it’s just because my skin is too acne prone that these products didn’t work. The worst part is that some had salicylic acid, a product meant to reduce the production of sebum but still, my skin said no.

There is one product that worked is Benzac Benzoyl Peroxide. This I can guarantee will work for just about anyone. It worked for me but I wanted a permanent solution because even though it was working, I had new pimples every day so after one healed then another would replace it. I still recommend it though because you will get your clear skin with Benzac.

Right now my clear skin is thanks to the dermatologist, not an over-the-counter product