Almost everyone I know has asked me in the past year how I take care of my hair. It’s not that I do anything different from all the natural hair gurus, it’s just that people who know me don’t read blogs or watch YouTube video, hence why they have no idea how to care for natural hair.

I have decided to start writing natural hair posts to not only make it easier for myself because explaining every single day what I do and which products I use is tiring but also for everyone asking because learning by reading is probably a more convenient way than me explaining. Plus you can save the post and use as future reference for when you want to do your hair.

Making My Hair Look Blown Out

This is the most asked question I get so I decided to tackle it first just in case this is what you are here for. The only thing I do to stretch my hair is to twist it after moisturizing it, that’s it really. and sometimes I do Bantu Knots but that rarely ever happens because my hair is still too short for that.

Here is a video showing my exact method


It is important to note that taking care of natural hair is expensive. The good products cost a lot of money so you have to be prepared. When starting out you have to start with the basics because if you buy everything you are being recommended you will end up spending too much.

Below is a list of products I use. Please note that I use these because I don’t have the funds to buy more products. They are not necessarily the best for my hair because I struggle with dry hair, but they get the job done. They are also organized in a way that shows how I apply them on wash day.


  • Oil: Coconut Oil R60 for 1L. I apply this to my dry hair, completely soak it with the oil and wear a shower cap for an hour or two. I do this so that the shampoo doesn’t strip the hair of the moisture and make it dry.
  • Shampoo: Au Naturale Shampoo R35. A good shampoo because although it is not sulfate free (chemicals that strip your hair of moisture) it doesn’t leave my hair dry after washing. Do not use this every week.


  • Every week Shampoo: Hask Argan Oil From Morocco R140. This is the shampoo you use every week because it is free of sulfates meaning it won’t make your hair dry.
  • Deep conditioner: Black Pearl Hydrating Conditioner R70.  Not a 100% happy with this conditioner because conditioners are supposed to make your hair really soft. My hair just remains dry with this. I want to try other brands conditioners namely Aunt Jackie’s, Dr Miracle and if I have the pennies I will try Shea Moisture. Hopefully, one of those will work and be my staple.


  • Protein conditioner: ORS Replenishing Conditioner R97. Like I mentioned I have extremely dry hair so doing protein treatments is not really my cup of tea. I use this because it’s a light protein, and protein is used to make our hair strong. Only use it once a month.
  • Conditioner: Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner. This doesn’t really take out the knots but does a good enough job for me to keep it around. It’s really thick so you have to use a lot especially if you have thick hair like I do, so it really won’t last, a max of four washes.


  • Leave in conditioner: Organics Leave-in Conditioner R40. Leaves my hair soft. It’s a very good and cheap leave in conditioner. I apply it when hair is still damp before I detangle and put my hair in twists to stretch it, then after it dries I apply it again.
  • Moisturiser: Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy R55. This is a good moisturizer and it makes my hair a bit softer. I haven’t been using it for a long time so I can’t properly vouch for it.
  • Oil: I use the same coconut oil as above as the last step when my hair is completely dry. This time apply a thin layer

You need to apply the Leave in conditioner, moisturizer, and oil daily and wash your hair every week or two weeks. Never go past two weeks, your hair needs the water.


Hair tools are very important. If you use the wrong once you risk split end and breakage on your hair.

Make sure you use a wide-toothed comb and only comb your hair when it’s damp. If you comb and detangle your hair when it’s dry or too wet, it will break most likely. Combing it wet is even better than dry hair.

Another option and probably a better option is to not comb your hair at all, only use your fingers to thoroughly go through your hair until you can run your hand through with only a little to no resistance.

With hair ties never use the ones with metal. The breakage might look small but when the hair band is constantly nagging the hair, it will cause a lot of breakage, leading to having your hair at a stagnant length.

It is better for your hair to not use hair dryer at all.

Relaxed VS Natural


I’ve had both relaxed and natural hair and I can say without a doubt that natural hair is the way to go. It just grows better, most of the time it looks better and let’s be real, it’s better not to put chemicals in your hair every third month. And not having to buy that relaxer is money in your pocket.

Although I can’t really tell you what to do, I can really just say that having natural hair is way easier after learning how to take care of it. But nonetheless, it’s a personal choice so if you think relaxing is for you then go ahead.

Remember that the most important thing is the health of your hair so trim your hair once a year to get rid of split ends. Do better than me, I didn’t trim and now have an inch of damaged hair. Good thing is hair grows back so it’s really not that big of a deal if you cut it.

I hope this blog post helped you. Feel free to ask any questions, I will answer and probably turn into blog posts since I’m planning on doing a lot more posts guiding you on how to do your hair.