Writing down things, I’m always singing this song and telling people how important it is to write everything down because that in my mind somehow makes achieving the task easier. This year I was very optimistic about my goals, in my mind I thought because I will be at home doing nothing, getting things done would be easy.

I thought could wake up and start writing since I had nothing else to do. This should have been easy, at least that’s what I kept thinking. What I didn’t realize is the power of momentum. Merriam Webster dictionary defines Momentum as:

“The force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes”

This means that if I had started writing consistently at the beginning of the year, it would have been easier to continue and never stop. The issue was that I had already conditioned my brain to think that this year I will not be stressing about anything. This, in turn, made me stop writing altogether.
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With most goals, consistency is key. Not planning or writing things down. Obviously, those things are important but for most this is all that we do. We just plan things but never execute and that idea dies as time goes on; then you call yourself a failure.

So for 2018, I’m going to just improvise because clearly long-term goals do not work for me. For goals, I will set realistic goals to avoid disappointments and guilt.

One thing is for sure though, I will stop being lazy with my blog. Obviously, school will take first priority but I will treat my blog like a business. I’m tired of envying people from the sidelines as their blogs grow while mine remains stagnant and I claim to want the same but don’t work as hard.

Being at home for so long doing nothing has got me so inspired because I had the time to look at people’s lives and how they do things. The amount of hard work they put in is inspiring and because I want that for myself, I realize I have to push harder than ever.