I have always had dry hair. I think almost everyone who has natural 4c hair has had a struggle with dry hair at the beginning of their hair journey. The reason for this is that at the beginning we don’t have the proper products, tools, and technique to achieve well moisturised hair.

Keeping hair moisturized is a crucial part of growing and having natural hair.

The reason we have to keep our hair moisturized is simple, length and health. If you want your hair to grow you have to keep it moisturized. It’s a simple concept that many of us fail to understand and execute. If your hair is dry, it will get split ends, single strand knots and will break easily and easy breakage means and you will end up not retaining length and be stuck with a short afro.

There are literally only two things you have to do to be able to keep your hair moisturized, namely deep conditioning and moisturizing consistently

  1. Deep Conditioning


Deep conditioning treatments can literally save your hair. I remember the first time I did a moisturizing treatment I could believe how soft my hair was. I didn’t even know it was possible for my hair to be that soft and manageable.

There are two types of deep conditioning treatments, Moisturizing and Protein.

With moisturising, you will have to do it every week preferably or every two weeks but never go past that. The reason for this is because deep conditioners penetrate your hair to make sure it is well conditioned and remains healthy. Some recommended products are Afro Botanics Deep Conditioner or the Native Child Deep Conditioner because they are both affordable and work great.

The second type is protein treatments. These should be done once a month at most if you have limp hair but most of the time natural hair (4c) lacks moisture so protein is only for once in a long while. But the importance is still there because it makes your hair strong and in this way, it won’t break easily. A recommended product is the ORS Hair Mayonnaise.


  1. Moisturizing CONSISTENTLY


While you can condition once a week to keep your hair moisturized, you still have to keep adding it to the hair so it doesn’t get dry throughout the week. You do this by moisturizing daily if possible.

You do this by using the LOC method which simply means you start with a liquid (leave in conditioner or water based moisturizer), then use in oil (coconut, avocado, grapeseed etc), then a cream (Shea butter). Do it in that order.

Check out Native Child. They have a combo of Shampoo, conditioner, castor oil and shea butter for R239. The best deal ever

Doing it this way will make sure your hair is always moisturized at all times, and moisture = length and health. If you take away one thing from this, just remember to deep condition with moisture.