For the longest time, I didn’t use makeup, and it wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I love makeup so much. Even without a single makeup product in my possession (except for lipstick of course) I found myself so obsessed with makeup videos online.

I would waste my data watching makeup tutorials and just wish that I could also do the looks. The reason I’ve never put on make-up before is that of my acne. While some people feel like it makes their pimples less visible, to me it was like I was making them more noticeable. But that was just my insecurities talking.

But now I’ve finally bought my first make up products, and it feels so damn good. The first product I got is the essence eyebrow stylist kit.

It has two different powders, a light and a dark shade. I’m guessing the light is for when you don’t want a serious beat, just to outline your brows. I totally love it for a very simple look.

The second shade is the one I used is the dark shade and in my opinion, it produces the best brows.

This was the first time doing my eyebrows and they looked so proper from my first try. I was impressed with my skills. I did well for a first-timer.

I give all those eyebrow tutorials that I’m forever watching all the credit. This kit also made everything so much easier. With one stroke the powder was not much hassle. It comes with three different eyebrow stencils and a brush to help the beginners which is totally great (I didn’t use the stencils because I knew what I was doing, duh).

And as any other application of eyebrows goes, I also used the LA girl pro concealer to correct and highlight my eyebrows. The concealer deserves a separate post so I will hold back and review it later.

And on my skin I had nothing. No foundation, just my moisturizer so as you can see my skin is popping. The best it has been in 7 years and I’ve never been more grateful.

What do you use to fill in your eyebrows?