It’s that time of the year where everybody splurges on everything in the name of Black Friday. But going to the mall is one thing prohibiting most people from participating in Black Friday. The amount of people in store is too overwhelming and sometimes not worth it.

Online shopping is the best thing for most because it is in the comfort of your home and you can start shopping at midnight, literally. To help everybody out, I thought a list of South African online shops offering Black Friday sales would help.

  2. Superbalist
  3. Estee Lauder (Check out Cynthia Official or Baked Online on instagram for discount code)
  4. Swiitch Beauty – Use discount code ‘zee’
  5. Ubuhle Handmade (only two wigs are on sale)
  6. Makro (5 day sale)
  7. Travel Start
  8. Clicks
  9. Mr Price(All week long)
  10. Mr Price Home
  11. Spree
  12. Zando
  13. Incredible Connections
  14. Zee Bundles
  15. Markham
  16. Planet 54