My name is Palesa and I’m a student and a South African lifestyle blogger.

I have always had a love for writing. My earliest memory of writing something on my own is in Grade 1 when I wrote a story about Cinderella, and from there I just remember writing a bunch of things nobody ever read. I was always writing, whether it was school related or the many stories that I posted online.

It was in High School freshman year when I discovered blogging and started my own blog. So far I’ve had about 7 blogs that I’ve started and discarded. I have blogged on every platform, the most memorable being Tumblr because that was the most successful I’ve had before this one.

Pretty Palesa is a lifestyle blog featuring Personal development, Opinion posts and so much more. I want every person who comes on the blog to leave with some added value in their life from the posts I wrote.

It’s also about sharing my own life experiences because I believe that if someone can relate to something that happened to me, then it’s possible that what I wrote might make them feel better about their own situation.

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